Keyword Code

Most of the terms used for coding texts and images are unambiguous and self-explanatory. In the following, we explain some additional terms to enable you to better pinpoint your search.

Category ThemeUse
Fremdkulturforeign countries, exotica, contrasts to European culture (cf. general keyword "foreign countries")
Kulturgeneral, as well as for the performing arts, including dance
(if need be, in combination with the motif term "dancer")
Kunstfor the fine arts
Category MotiveUse
Kraftwagenfor cars and trucks
Fahrzeugfor all other vehicles, including two-wheeled vehicles
Innenarchitekturfor interior furnishings in the broadest sense, also interior views
Kulturberufincludes presentation of appearances by creative artists
Schiffmedium and large vessels (for rowboats, see vehicle)
Category TechniqueUse
Gemäldein the case of frontal photographs without individual perspective or spatial impression ("reproduction"), only the technique of "painting" is assigned, not "photography". If the surroundings of the painting place it in an artist's studio or if its frame was shot from the side, the technique term "photography" is used, and "art" as the motif
Photographieis always assigned in combination with the terms "individual image" or "series"
Präsentationsgrafikcollective term for all charts, diagrams and technical-scientific graphs



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