The selection of magazines was processed by the Dresdner Digitalisierungszentrum (DDZ), which numbers among the leading cultural institutions in Germany in the area of retrodigitization as far as its equipment, software and conception are concerned. In 2011 alone, the SLUB produced more than three million scans or 16,000 digital prints, as well as 70,000 new pictorial documents.

Obviously, digitizing the magazines poses a special challenge because the starting material differs greatly in its forms of appearance (loose single issues, tightly bound annual volumes, etc.) as well as its condition (for example, missing pages, stickers and markings on the title pages, covers and advertising pages removed during binding) and is very fragile, as well. Finally, contemporary innovations in media technology, such as foldout pages, inserts (for example, tinted foil), transparent pages, stickers or divided sheets of paper call for individual treatment, so that in some cases three different types of scanner were required to process a single issue.

A routine process for automatically changing the scanned images in the articles back into digital texts which can be investigated using a full-text search is currently in preparation and will only be able to be applied to these media products subsequently. More detailed information on recovery can be found here.