Indexing the texts and images enables users to gain initial access to the material using keywords related to form and content. A few basic thematic focal points serve as general suggestions for orientation and as suggestions for individual research. In addition, the number of hits for specific terms in the search, which can be queried for individual magazines as well as for certain annual volumes, has an informative value.

The written contributions are structured as individual elements. Along with these, there are also illustration compilations (such as "art print sections" and individual illustrations) which are given equal weight next to the written texts for reasons of printing technique or content. The greater portion of the illustrations, however, are anchored on the second level below this as a dependent part of a written article. As with short written contributions, anecdotes or mixed news, which are bracketed together on the first level of hierarchy into a single text element, combinations and series of images sharing a common heading, and which are to be given identical keywords for their contents, are consolidated in a mutual illustration element.

Project Members


Anne Gerbothe (until January 2013)

Michael Lemke (until September 2012)

Sylvia Made

Jens Müller

Anne Pfost (until July 2012)

Franziska Walther