Illustrated Press

Illustrated magazines from the era of Classic Modernism are a rich and esthetically top-rate source for the history of the period between the wars with regard to everyday life, culture, communication, design and photography. Our website offers the complete inventories of "Querschnitt", "UHU", "Kriminal-Magazin", "Jüdische Magazin", "Auto-Magazin" and "Revue des Monats", furthermore all issues of the years 1928-1933 of four more titles.  Ten of the most important German-language magazines of the period with roughly 650 issues, with 75,000 printed pages and more than 50,000 illustrations have for the first time been compiled virtually and made available to both researchers as well as to readers interested in cultural history. // more

New Entries 2017/2018:

We are currently expanding the range of illustrated magazines by the following titles:  Kokain (1925), Das Neue Russland (1927-1931, including the earlier volumes with few illustrations), Roland (1925, 23. Jg.) and Die neue Bücherschau (1919-1929). Further issues are beeing released gradually.